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Crooked River Skate Park heading north

07/25/2013 9:25 AM | Vince (Administrator)

Underground problems with the chosen location for the Crooked River Skate Park - possible land swap nearby

In March 2013, Grindline began exploratory digging on the site which resulted in the discovery of large bulkhead anchors throughout the site. These anchors help hold up the bulkhead along the waterfront and cannot be removed or built around. The City began looking for another location within the Rivergate Park area and a public meeting was held on July 24th, 2013 to present the options. The public overwhelming supported the new location in order to maintain the current conceptual design.

The new site is directly north of the original site and will accommodate the snake run style park with deep transitions and plenty of space to build up and avoid issues with the water table. The City must complete a land swap deal with the Cleveland Metroparks in order for the project to continue.


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