East Meets West 2010 eS Game of SKATE + SkateArt

Cleveland meets in the middle

Skaters from both sides of the Cuyahoga met again on Broadway and East 55th for our 3rd Annual East Meets West event. As always - the eS Game of SKATE tournament was hosted this time with about 120 skaters entering the contest. More photos and videos later.

Highlights and Tricks

Final 3 way Match and "Jump Geoff" contest

About the new wedge rail obstacle.

Andy Liedel designed and Don Billington engineered and built the new "wedge rail". Artist Chris Fiorello was commissioned to but his spin on the new element. Chris brought a Dali/Powell Ripper inspired composition he had been working on to life on the surface. This piece will be skateable at the East Meets West by anyone! Jim Hill has also built a few new pieces that will be up for skating. Anyone wants to step to his Curved Ledge and the venerable bench as well.



Music by Dj CeVenS


Dj Cevens, Ali from 216 Beat Riders and JT from Wooster Skateshop

The top 5 finalists


Chris McHugh (2nd place), Justin Laganson (3rd place), Doug Nehrenz (1st place), Enzo Baffa (5th place), Ryan Rosinski (4th place).

Cleveland's Finest


A couple officers were on hand to help block off the street and make sure that everyone skated and didn't just lurk.

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