East Meets West 2008 - Game of SKATE

eS Game of Skate in downtown Slavic Village

The Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland was the perfect location for the first East Meets West event - bringing skaters from the west, east and south together for some good skateboarding.

Slavic Village Skateboarding and Public Square Group hosted the éS Game of SKATE to the tune of about 150 people and 85 competitors. In the end, Chris McHugh of Willoughby, OH took the top spot, beating out Steve Lenarduzzi of Highland Heights, OH in the final round. A blocked off section of East 55th Street was the perfect home for the six SKATE lanes required to get through the mass of skaters signed up to compete and the rain held off until after we opened the street back up! Sorry for all those who stayed home!

The Top 5 Finals Round

  1. Chris McHugh, Willoughby, OH
  2. Steve Lenarduzzi, Highland Heights, OH
  3. Ryan Lawson, Cuyahoga Heights, OH
  4. Mike Libby, Northfield, OH
  5. Terry Shebestak, Parma, OH
Chris Mchugh Fullcabflip

Chris McHugh spins a full cab flip in the finals. photo: bsmitty

Ryan Lawson 360flip

Ryan Lawson - 360 flip in the finals. Photo: bsmitty


Some of the SKATE lanes. Photo: Jacob Van Sickle


150 spectators came out to watch the matches and support skateboarding. Photo: bsmitty

Top 5 Finalists

The top five finalists L to R: Mike Libby, Ryan Lawson, Chris McHugh, Steve Lenarduzzi, Terry Shebestak. Photo: bsmitty

Top 11 Seminfinalists

The top 11 finalists. Due to a "buy" Kirby Metzger got into the semi-final round. He was stoked! Photo: bsmitty

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