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PSG focuses on projects that will benefit the skateboarding community here in Northeast Ohio. We also support and utilize the creative talents of skaters in everything we do.

Crooked River Skate Park - Cleveland Skateboard Park in the Flats

With the old North Coast Harbor skatepark removed for good, the City of Cleveland has begun the process of relocating the main skatepark to the banks of the Cuyahoga along the Columbus Road Peninsula in the Flats. This skatepark represents the first step in a greater initiative to bring people-powered recreation to the Flats.

Lakewood Skatepark

From our roots in the Lakewood Skaters Association, this is the first skatepark we worked on. It is a small park that was talked about for 15 years before the city of Lakewood finally committed to doing it. It also represents the first true legal skatespot in Northeast Ohio. Phase one construction is complete and we are raising money for phase two.

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East Meets West in Slavic Village

Historic Slavic Village has been home to the annual East Meets West skateboarding event since 2008. The neighborhood has a growing skateboard scene and is central to the region. Broadway Ave is an ideal location for a neighborhood skatepark that would provide the entire region with a new node on the local skatepark circuit.

Broadway Skatepark Project

The east Cleveland neighbnorhood of Slavic Village has hosted many skateboarding events and seen skateboarding grow thanks to the efforts of the staff at Stella Walsh rec center and the Slavic Village Development organization. Plans for a regional skatepark on Union and Broadway Ave have begun with a conceptual design established thanks to many community meetings and input from skaters and businesses in the area.

Zone Rec Skate Path

With a $2 million reinvestment in west Cleveland's Michael J Zone Rec Center, the community also requested something for skateboarding in addition to new ballfields, basketball courts, playgrounds, spray park and pavilion. McKnight & Associates landscape architecture firm approached PSG to help refine a small "skate path" area.


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