Crooked River Skate Park (#CRSP) in the Flats of Cleveland, Ohio

A new world-class skateboard park is coming to Cleveland to help Revitalize the Flats

The City of Cleveland has awarded the Design/Build contract for the new Crooked River Skate Park to Grindline Skateparks of Seattle WA. The new skatepark will serve local residents and to help spearhead further development of the Columbus Road Peninsula. This section of the Flats is already home to the Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op and the home of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation & Rivergate Park. Columbus Road Peninsula will become a people-powered recreation district nestled along the Cuyahoga River.

Cleveland Metro Parks' Rivergate Park bringing the river front alive

As of July 2012, the Cleveland Metro Parks is the new owner of several acres along the Cuyahoga off Columbus Rd and has opened the Rivergate Cafe right next to the skatepark site. The new Rivergate Park will see many changes as the Metroparks seeks to bring many new programs to the east bank of the river and build off the momentum started by the Cleveland Rowing Foundation and Crooked River Skate Park project.

Thank you Tony Hawk Foundation! $25,000 for the Cleveland Skateboard Park

April 14th, 2011: The Tony Hawk Foundation has awarded PSG the maximum level of funding through their skatepark grant program. PSG will receive $25,000 to help fund the Cleveland Skateboard Park. Please help us complete our funding by making a donation directly to our Cleveland Skateboard Park fund. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Click the DONATE in the right column. Please contact us if you want to sponsor a portion of the skateboard park!

image"The unparalleled advocacy of northeastern Ohio's Public Square Group should serve as a model for skatepark supporters throughout the country."
- Tony Hawk Foundation

Small cost - LARGE recreational and economic impact

As part of the Mayor Jackson and CIty Council vision of a new, re-imagined Flats district, the skatepark will provide instant foot traffic with hundreds of people per day for 9-10 months of the year for only simple maintenance compared to other recreational facilities. Self-managed, self-policing and self supervised skateboard parks provide sustainable recreation opportunity for generations to come with minuscule ongoing tax payer burden.

Cleveland leading the way...


Land swapped

In March 2013, Grindline began exploratory digging on the site which resulted in the discovery of large bulkhead anchors throughout the site. These anchors help hold up the bulkhead along the waterfront and cannot be removed or built around. The City began looking for another location within the Rivergate Park area and a public meeting was held on July 24th, 2013 to present the options. The public overwhelming supported the new location in order to maintain the current conceptual design.

The new site is directly north of the original site and will accommodate the Snake Run style park with deep transitions and plenty of space to build up and avoid issues with the water table. The City must complete a land swap deal with the Cleveland Metroparks in order for the project to continue.

Grindline completes the conceptual design phase.

World-class skatepark design/build firm Grindline has finalized the conceptual design of the skatepark. Based in Seattle, Grindline is one of a small handful of world renown design/build firms that have ushered in a new era of skatepark design and construction. They engaged with Parkworks LAND Studio to design the new skateboard park for Cleveland and will be one of the main candidates for construction.


Great Second Public Meeting! - Final Concepts and Feedback

Final Conceptual Design

Three different conceptual designs were created based on all the ideas and comments from the first public meeting on April 28th 2010. These concepts were refined based on feedback and ideas from the public starting at the June 22nd public meeting and comments and ideas collected since then. The final design chosen was the "Snake Run" concept featuring an iconic snake run and deep kidney bowl along with various street/flow elements and double ledge lines around the edge. Materials feature a mix of concrete, brick, granite, and pool coping.

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The Crooked River Skate Park is located west of Hart Crane Memorial Park off Columbus Road on Merwin Road.


Ground Breaking!

Grindline and F.Buddie will begin construction in June 2014. 

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Rivergate Park
1785 Merwin Ave, Cleveland, OH

Skate Surface Area

9,000 sq ft

City Skatepark Budget


Ground Breaking

June 2014



Design/Build Contractor


Project Owner

City of Cleveland

Project Partners & Subcontractors

LAND Studio

McKnight Associates

F. Buddie, Inc

Ohio City Incorporated

Tremont West

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