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Skateboarders Next Door (S.N.D.) helps to help build skateboarders in numbers and in value.

We aim to demonstrate how the disciplines developed in skateboarding can give guidance and awareness towards environmental,

community development, health, and educational issues.

The Two Piece Platform
S.N.D offer two programs for the varying skill sets of skateboarding.

Skateboard Lessons

Skate lessons are 8 to 10 week programs that offer open opportunity to beginners who are intimidated or unable to afford a skateboard. After the 10 weeks of completion participants received a complete board but also build relationships that helps sustain motivation to keep pushing.

Service Missions

Service missions are tailored to avid skaters that struggle to afford updated equipment such as boards, wheels, and bearings. This platform allows us to create a shared community building experience that instills neighborhood ownership and pride by doing clean ups and other related missions.


Every penny counts, and we appreciate each and every donor. All of our proceeds go directly to the skaters and helping us improve their experience; skateboards, better facilities to use for lessons and so much more.

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About JaOvvoni Garrison

In 2008 Ja'Ovvoni started skate lessons as a way to build the scene by offering free programming to youth at Stella Walsh recreation center. In 2010 realizing the social impact and acceptance of skateboarding within Slavic Village Ja'O wanted to push the envelope on skateboard programming thus creating Skaters Next Door. This incorporated the opportunity for skaters within the lessons to actually engage in service work in order to graduate as a S.N.D participant and recieve a complete skateboard. Ja'Ovvoni has been successful in bringing in  $35,000 in grant funding through neighborhood connections to fuel skate lessons and events for the past few years and in total giving out approximately 400+ complete skateboards and decks to the community. Knowing the likelyhood of funding being cut Ja'O used gofundme to reach out to the community for support. It's safe to say the results turned out amazing, with the first goal of $4500 dollars being raised within a month to be begin an 100 skateboard stimulus package for the 2015 year.

Since then Ja'Ovvoni has begun lessons and service projects in Cleveland's neighborhoods to promote and take S.N.D to the next level. For 2016 he is now looking to give out 200 skateboards and decks within the community to continue the agenda of growing the culture.

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