Membership In PSG

As a non-profit, PSG relies on the support of members to help with events, donate time to projects, and to cover our costs and overhead. Your support at events and public meetings is what keeps the wheels turning. Whether you skate or are just a fan of skateboarding and skateparks, be counted and stay up to date with projects and great times.

Just a few reasons to sign up...

  • Get help with skateboarding in your neighborhood
  • Help create or volunteer at events and contests
  • Skate in demos and contests
  • Sign up for Skateboard Lesson Sessions
  • Become a Skate Counselor and help give lessons
  • Apply for volunteer staff positions and board positions
  • Help build ramps/obstacles at the Skate Kitchen

Standard Memberships (Free)

If you skate or just want to support skateboarding, join PSG with a Standard Membership. Both Family and Individual Memberships are available. Under 13 years old must have a parent sign up for a Family Membership.

Already a Member?

You can keep your membership up-to-date online and follow along with projects. Register for events or help out with bigger projects. 

All members must have a Waiver on file to skate in lessons or contests.

Download PSG Waiver


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