Big Race 2011 - Big Wheel and Skateboard Coffin Race

Thanks to all who entered! Over $1400 raised for the Crooked River Skate Park!

A select group of losers met once again on the field of battle pitting big wheel against big wheel. While children hurled water-filled balloons at the combatants, plastic wheels did rattle, slightly out of shape adults shuffled and others still reveled in the carnage and Toys'R-us debauchery.

More Photos and Video to Come - but here are the winners!


Big Wheels: Ben Gotro (1st) and Steve "Eggs" (2nd)


Open Division: Sean Scott (2nd) and Ross Kotkowski (1st)


Skateboard Coffin Race: Charlie Lowe (2nd) Chris Slowery (1st)

How it Works: Three Race Categories

Head-to-Head matches in a race tournament for each category. Winners get awesome trophies and a chance to defend their title each year.

Big Wheels - Standard big wheels right off the retail shelf with 18 and over bodies on them.

Skateboards - Coffin rides with hand pushing. Helmets, gloves and pads highly recommended!

Open Division - Heavily modified Big Wheels or similar. Show-offs only.

The Rules

Skateboard Races are in the Coffin Ride form. No kneeling or sitting!

Stock Big Wheels are normal big wheels from a toy store - no rubber tired big wheels or motorized tricycles.

Open Division can be any type of wheeled custom ride on toy. No motorized stuff. Horns allowed.



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