Frequently Asked Questions about Skateboard Lessons

What kind of board do I need?

You would need to have a standard size 7" wide x 29" long (or greater) skateboard deck with good grip and smooth rolling wheels. Good wheels, bearings and trucks make it much more fun for the skater without having to fight to turn or push. Take your board to Tri-Star Skateshop (Brookpark) or West Side Skate Shop (Lakewood) to have it checked out. A new set of bearings is as little as $10.

Where do I get a skateboard?

West Side Skates (Lakewood) or Tri-Star Skateshop (Parma) has starter setups at $60-$90 that are perfect for new skaters. If you are unsure or on a tight budget, we strongly recommend our rental skateboards ($25) that will enable your skater to get started with a great board before investing in your own. Skateboards purchased at sporting goods stores can vary widely in quality no matter the price. Good rolling bearings and wheels are necessary for a skater to learn and have fun.

Do I need pads or helmet?

Helmets are required for all skaters. Pads are optional but do help with the prevention of scrapes and scabs. Parents should decide whether to require knee, elbow or wrist guards.

What if I miss a day?

If a day is missed we welcome you to make up during another camp session or lesson. We do not give refunds to compensate for days missed.

What if it rains?

On Rain Days we will contact each Parent and let them know the Session is cancelled due to rain. Generally rain day make up sessions are added to the next Session or scheduled for the following week.


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