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Dickies Demo at Lakewood Skate Park

06/03/2013 4:45 PM | Vince (Administrator)

Dickies skate team stopped by Lakewood for a session and some autograph signing time. 

After hanging out at West Side and checking out some skate spots around town, Kevin Terpening, Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Peter Hewitt, Dan Plunkett and Tom Remillard hit up Lakewood Skatepark in the evening and put on a demo for everyone. 

Kevin Terpening used to ride Lakewood when it first opened and easily handled everything like it was yesterday. Vincent Alvarez was still hurt so he just hung with the kids. Stevie Perez and Tom Remillard and Dan Plunkett destroyed the park and put together some new lines and combos that no one probably even thought of. 

Thanks to the City of Lakewood for some extra attention at the park that day and West Side for hosting the team. Thanks to Daniel Wheatley and Atiba for coming through - hope to see some Cleveland footage/photos of these guys!


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