Official Rules for The Skate Kitchen

Updated 11/27/2013

Member Usage Policy

  1. You must be a member of PSG to skate at the Skate Kitchen
  2. Members are responsible for all accidental damage and garbage removal during their session.
  3. Report any damage to facility, ramps equipment or utilities immediately.
  4. The outside East 30th door must be kept closed and locked at all times.
  5. Do not prop open the East 30th door for any reason.
  6. No Dogs or Pets (effective January 2nd, 2013)
  7. Skateboarding only no scooters or inline skates
  8. No BMX bikes within the Skate Kitchen
  9. No smoking in the building anywhere
  10. Do not attempt to access any other part of the building or disturb neighboring businesses.

Food and Drink

  1. Members may bring food and drink and are responsible for cleaning up all trash and disposables.
  2. Glass and Plastic containers must be deposited in recycling bins.

Guest Policy

  1. Guests must sign in on the Visitor sheet by the office window – no exceptions.
  2. Skate Kitchen Keyholder Members can bring one (1) skating guest (Sundays – Thursdays).
  3. Individual Members can bring one (1) non-skating Guest (Sundays – Thursdays)
  4. Family Members can bring 3 non-skating Family Members (ie siblings/parents – not friends)
  5. Individual Members can bring guests aged 18 and over
  6. Family Members can bring a guest any age as long as they are PSG members and have waivers on file.
  7. Skate Kitchen Members can bring up to 3 guests on Fridays and Saturdays but they may have to pay if there is a scheduled Open Session.

Grounds for revoking membership STRICT

  1. Abusing Guest Policy (see above)
  2. Giving your key to another person
  3. Smoking inside the building in any area
  4. Intentional Property Damage
  5. Tagging or Graffiti
  6. Any Illicit Drug use on the property
See a Problem? Leave a Voice Mail or Text to 216-282-7585 with day and time of the problem. Call 911 for an emergency.


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