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The Skate Kitchen is Moving! New $125 Membership Level

11/27/2013 5:00 PM | Vince (Administrator)
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The Skate Kitchen is looking for a new location for next Fall 2014. 

The current space down on East 30th will be active until May 1st, 2014.

Jakprints is growing. The Skate Kitchen is growing – time to move on

The space we rented from Jakprints needs to be converted to accommodate the growth of the company. Jakprints has created over 180 jobs and is on pace to add more next year. When we started the Skate Kitchen we knew it would be temporary but we used this space to develop the concept and we hoped to bring more attention to the space. Back then there were no other tenants in the building and as we leave, there are new offices all around and new design and merchandising businesses moving in. We want to do get a better floor, more variety but keep the Keyholder system we created.

New short-term Skate Kitchen Keyholder Memberships now available! Age 18 and over!

For the rest of the winter, we are opening a small number of keys for a short term keyholder membership will be active through May 1st for a one time charge of $125. Current key holders who have not renewed can renew at the short term rate or renew at the full term rate and be active at the new location. Its your call. Sign Up Here until December 15th.

Whats next? Where is it moving? What about the ramps? Come to the meeting…

We have some new locations in mind but we want to hear from all the current members as to what we should look for. Skate Kitchen meeting Monday 12/2 at 7:30 PM. If you have ideas for fundraising, events at the Kitchen, or new obstacles come to the meeting. If you have a ramp or obstacle at the Kitchen, you can keep it there or take it out.

What about my current Skate Kitchen Keyholder Membership?

All current, active keyholders will keep their keys through the term of their membership. We will apply these to the next location and you will keep the annual rate. The new location will have more overhead so most likely the annual membership rates will go up. Come to the meeting Dec 2nd at the Skate Kitchen.


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