Frequently Asked Questions for Skate Kitchen Memberships

What does my membership support?

For PSG to continue to operate and work with cities to get skateparks like Lakewood and the new Crooked River Skate Park, we need to cover our insurance, overhead, rent and all around operations. The demand for skateboarding is huge and we currently volunteer 10-30 hours per week to keep up with it. To keep getting free places to skate in the public and providing skateboarding to a wider audience and bringing more pros to demos and sending more skaters to local skateshops we will need to raise our own money to survive.

What do I get for my Skate Kitchen Membership?

We all know that winter skating is a constant pain in the neck that seems to disappear every spring then slam you each October. We felt that some indoor winter skating is the best, most valuable thing we could provide our members. It has taken many years to get to this point but we finally have the first indoor skateboard only, public skate spot in Cleveland.

Can I pay monthly instead of one lump sum?

Right now we are only doing one annual payment for Skate Kitchen Members. Your membership level starts on the date you upgrade or join until the following year on the same date.

Can I bring Dogs?

Not anymore. Since Jan 1,2013 we cannot bring pets of any kind into the facility.

How can I see the Skate Kitchen camera on my phone?

Each Skate Kitchen member gets access to the camera from iPhone/Android app called DropCam. We can send you a link to get access.

What is there to skate at the Skate Kitchen?

So far a 32 foot wide mini ramp, 5 foot high with a setback. There is also some flatground street stuff like ledges and manuals and some quarter pipes.

What are the hours? When does it Open?

Skate Kitchen Members can access the facility all hours. They can access it 24/7 unless the space is closed for a project or program. Skate Kitchen Members can bring guests in a limited way. Everyone else can skate during events and lessons that we schedule and promote.

Who can enter? Who can skate?

For now, only Skate Kitchen Members can enter and skate along with their Guests. All skaters must be a Member of PSG and must provide a signed/notarized waiver (unless we have one on file already). Download the PSG Waiver .

Who built the Skate Kitchen Ramp?

Don Billington lead the design and construction. He and the same crew that built the Big Happys Mini and the Avon Lake Indoor Mini along with about 10 volunteers throughout the process. NO labor is being paid on the skate obstacles.

Who pays for the materials?

PSG pays for all materials out of the donations and membership dues that we collect. There will be more opportunities to donate materials and other obstacles in the future.

Is the Skate Kitchen staffed?

No, but part of this space will be our main PSG office. PSG staff consists of volunteers and some paid staff to handle programs like Skateboard Lessons and the Pop Up Skate Spot events. Ja’Ovvoni Garrison is the PSG Program Coordinator and will be working the city and neighborhoods from the new headquarters. Vince Frantz is the Executive Director and Gabriel Venditti is a Project Manager. Only staff and volunteers will be using the office for PSG work and meetings.

Where is the Skate Kitchen? (Google Map)

1835 East 30th, Cleveland OH. Downtown on the corner of Chester and East 30th in the old Cadillac building next to Jakprints. Jakprints and IndieMerch are current tenants in that same building.

Will Jakprints/IndieMerch employees get any special deal?

No employees of any company will get a discount or skate for free. It is only open to PSG Members and anyone can become a member.

What if I can’t afford the Skate Kitchen Membership?

The facility will all skaters at different times. Those times and events are in planning now as we complete the space.

Can I get my donation back?

If you have made an error in making your donation or change your mind about contributing to PSG, we will honor your request for a refund made within 15 business days of your donation. To request a refund, call 216-539-7582. Refunds are returned using the original method of payment, except cash donations will be returned via check. If you made your donation by credit card, your refund will be credited to that same credit card.

What about rules, graffiti, smoking?

No smoking. No drug abuse. No illicit activity. Nothing but skateboarding within the park. No BMX. No Scooters. All visitors must comply with all posted rules or Skate Kitchen access will be revoked and individuals can be banned.

What about my kids, or minors?

Family Skate Kitchen Memberships allow members to bring their own children and that is all for now. We are developing some indoor skateboard lessons for members that will be included in the membership. This is a place that you can bring your young kids and know that there is nothing to worry about getting hit by a bike or anything illicit.

How do the keys work?

Each Skate Kitchen Member gets an electronic key fob that activates the lock on the outside door and again on an inside door to the Skate Kitchen and PSG Office. Each person must be a member and must “fob in” electronically even in a group. Each key fob is tracked and any member keyed in is responsible to report any damage or incidents while they are there.


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